Behave like a Friend not a Salesperson

Behave like a Friend not a SalespersonIn the event that your discussions are starting to sound more like a voice-mail and less like a human, at that point you may have an issue. You most likely solid an excess of like a sales representative and that is pushing your customers from you.

The best sales people, utilize Spiro, as well as are the ones who can influence a deal while never having the client to feel like they are being sold. Their identity makes a feeling of trust with prospects. They don't distance their clients however rather influence them to feel great with purchasing.

From Dale Carnegie:

Nobody likes to feel that he or she is being sold something or advised to complete a thing. We very much want to feel that we are purchasing voluntarily or following up on our own thoughts. We jump at the chance to be counseled about our desires, our needs, our musings.

So how would you make deals without seeming like a sales representative?

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